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Vittoria Squitieri

In 2012 I founded Urban Safari, a concept inspired by my love for “culture tourism” and a desire to promote Italian priceless artistic heritage. With Urban Safari, cities and places of art are seen from an unconventional point of view, with a native’s perspective which transforms a simple guided tour into an overwhelming visiting experience.
Urban Safari’s new vision has also spread to the field of event design, which we give an experiential slant where the guest is at the heart: we organize exclusive events which benefit from professional advice and include appearances from exceptional guest stars.
Today, this distinguished working group has more than 100 collaborators, with a database of more than 1,500 cultural entities with which Urban Safari has direct relations.
This is a solid and forward-thinking investment, allowing for the development of a service which keeps up with the times, focused on people, their curiosities and passions.