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There are no words to describe Venice: so different from the buisy northern iatlian cities, so unique with its lagoon character. We will therefore take you to discover the city from the perspective of water and earth, of architecture and interiors, of new amphibious restoration projects and of ancient endangered glassworks … because Venice is a changing city, it is much more than a postcard and deserves to be told by guides who have knowledge not only about the city’s icons, but also of the local trends and lifestyle. For this reason we do not forget the great events of art such as the Biennale of Art, Architecture and the most famous Carnival.

We have studied itineraries ranging from art to music, from traditions to arts and crafts, with excursions to discover the lagoon’s environment and guided tours to  local artists’ ateliers. Visits to workshops, historical places and eno-gastronomic tours, exclusive entrances to the aristocratic palaces over the Grand Canal.

Wether you’re a firstimer or a repeter in Venice, we suggest you to contact us and ask for a tailor-made visit program.