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The original Tram Tour. Milanese trams have always rattled along the entire urban geography, they are a symbol and a hallmark of the city. Urban Safari has chosen different routes on rails that lap some of the iconic places in town, riding through history and culture of ancient and contemporary Milan.
The Number 16 line, for example, follows a route that crosses the city center stopping, among other things, by the Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie, UNESCO World Heritage Site and example of the delicate passage between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and, subsequently, at the height of Piazza Cordusio. It is here that we get off to the discovery of the Financial District and its monumental architectures. Still some stops in the direction of Porta Romana to reach the Ca ‘Granda, now the seat of the State University and animated daily by thousands of young people. Last race to reach Piazza Duomo with the majestic Cathedral and listen to the stories about the legendary construction of the Duomo and its presence so full of meaning for the Milanese people. And for those who want to stay immersed in the Milanese atmospheres nothing better than a typical aperitif while admiring the white spiers of the cathedral. Joyin us for one of the best and most fun Milan Tours!