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Leonardo and the Last Supper Museum Milan. No standing in line and above all no rush! Our goal is to offer you the best of the work by Leonardo Da Vinci and his students-successors preserved in the folds of Milan with no stress.

From the emotional Last Supper Museum experience, to the Sforza Castle to discover the precious works left by Leonardo da Vinci during his first stay in Milan, from 1482 to 1500. Then we’ll be following his teaching through the work of Bernardino Luini, pupil and follower of Leonardo, who at the beginning of the sixteenth century frescoed the splendid church of San Maurizio, a jewel in the heart of the city and nicknamed the Sistine Chapel of Milan.

Leonardo in Milan also means hydraulic engineering for the work carried out on the canals’ system, still visible today. But the best of his genius can be admired in the huge halls of the Museum of Science and Technology, where the models of his most famous engineering works have been reproduced. A real treat for children of all ages.

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