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Genoa is a city with a strong personality and only allows itself to careful visitors. Urban Safari has chosen guides that orient themselves with skill between the tangle of carruggi (narrow streets) of the old City Center, and  once arrived by the sea, they can tell you about the New Harbour and also about what was there before; the history of a town that has been and is still the landing of countless cultural exchanges with foreign countries and, at the same time, a jumble of intimate stories that are consumed among the alleys; of illustrious personalities and artisans and kitchen masters: from songwriter De Andrè to superfine bakers, from Mazzini to sailors and fishermen who still live on what the sea gives him.

There is therefore the futuristic and sophisticated Genoa: modern architecture close to the port, the spectacular Aquarium, the Market Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art, the underground cultural initiatives … all contexts that Urban Safari knows thoroughly and we want to give you back, step by step, a varied and surprising fresco.

If you want to find out how many cities are within the city of Genoa write to us and we will be happy to send you our best offer.