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Architecture in Milan has become one of the best attraction of the City. Since the International Expo back in 2015, the whole town has been renovated with major projects, giving birth to a totally new skyline. Urban Safari designed different itineraries, the best experience for fans of past, modern and contemporary architecture. We have created a journey through the history and the work of masters architects, from the 1930s onwards. Relying on expert guides in the history of architecture and design, you have a choice to discover designers’ ateliers, historical buildings, design interiors and artistic details.

For those interested in contemporary architecture, Milan offers an endless series of projects by worldwide renowned architects. From the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova and CityLife, to new museums such as the Prada Foundation, Mudec and Armani Silos. Stories of neighborhoods gutted and rebuilt from scratch, recoveries of industrial archeology, projects that have redesigned the urban landscape and given new life to abandoned areas. A city in constant evolution that still manages to surprise those who live there, like those who visit it. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn all about it!

Accompanying you in these itineraries, expert guides, qualified and passionate about architecture. An architect guide can be booked on request.